Welcome to Bhelwala Indian Street Food – a fast casual restaurant serving fresh, made-to-order Indian cuisine.

Bhelwhaaaat? – (Bell-Wall-uh) is Indian Slang for “street food vendor.”

Mumbai is known to be a haven for food-lovers and culinary enthusiasts. Street Food is, a way of life and part of the culture all over India. Street foods are ready to eat food or drink generally sold in streets, markets and public areas by a vendor with a portable stall sometimes referred to as bhelwalas. Indian streets are well famous for its cheap and tasty food items. Every Indian city has its own specialty of all time favorite snack.

At Bhelwala, we  share this amazing culture and cuisine in a fun and healthy way that is inviting to everyone.  We  promote a healthy and responsible way of living, sourcing our food locally when available and using healthy, fresh ingredients in all of our foods.  Preparing and serving our menu items fresh every day is our commitment to you!


Bhelwala Indian Street Food-Chicken Tikka Bowl

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Our Values

Confucius once said, “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” We’d like to add that, whatever you do, do with all of your heart. At Bhelwala, we believe in following our H.E.A.R.T everyday.

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Indian Spices | Health Benefits

Health Benefits

Most Indian spices have some health benefits or medicinal properties. Some health benefits are pretty pronounced and can be observed relatively quickly.

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Roti Roll
Fresh Roti filled with your creation of ingredients and wrapped up for your enjoyment.  
Rice Bowl
Create your own bowl with all of the same delicious ingredients over a bed of white or brown basmati rice.
Want a lighter meal? Choose your choice of ingredients a top a bed of greens
Aloo Tikka (Potatoes)
A special blend of spices, onion, peas and mashed up potatoes. Whats not to like!
VeganGluten Free
Chole Masala (Garbanzo Beans)
A popular Indian street food made made with fresh tomatoes, garbanzo beans, ginger and a blend of Indian spices.
VeganGluten Free
Pav Bhaji (Vegetable Mixture)
A popular street snack that consists of a vegetable mixture in a tomato based gravy and a blend of Indian spices. Great by itself or with some Naan!
VegetarianGluten Free
Chicken Tikka
All natural, horomone-free chicken marinated over night and then grilled and diced to perfection.
Gluten Free
Paneer Tikka (Cheese Cubes)
Indian cheese cubes marinated over night in our special yogurt blend, then baked fresh to serve.
VegetarianGluten Free
Lamb Meatballs
Our mouth-watering, exclusive blend of ground lamb and Indian spices.
Tikka Masala
A light tomato, cream-based sauce simmered with Indian spices!
VegetarianGluten Free
Palak (Spinach) Masala
Made with fresh spinach, tomatoes, and onions simmered with our secret blend of Indian spices!
VegetarianGluten Free
A wonder vegetable sautéed in a special blend of spices. Great for a side or an added topping! VeganGluten Free
Sauteed Vegetable Mix
Sautéed red onions and green peppers.
VeganGluten Free
Fresh Veggies
Red Onion, Green Peppers, Jalapeños, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Cilantro
Yogurt Raita (Mild)
Yogurt-based chutney made with fresh cucumbers and Indian spices.
Tamarind and Date (Sweet & Mild)
A blend of dates, tamarind and Indian spices. Great for dipping or adding to any meal!
Coriander and Mint (Medium)
Fresh cilantro, mint and ginger make up this refreshing chutney.
Red Chili and Garlic (HOT)
Only for the brave! This red chili chutney is a great way to add heat to any meal.