Bhelwala Assistant General Manager

The Assistant General Manager is responsible for maintaining a positive customer experience by ensuring safe and quality food is prepared and served and that the restaurant crew is well trained and provides great customer service. The Assistant General manager will maintain a clean, organized line with properly functioning line equipment. They are expected to evaluate what other tasks need to be completed, and assist their team with those tasks.

Food Quality

  • Making sure great tasting, high quality food is served in a safe and timely manner.
  • Resolving food quality issues.
  • Managing food safety which includes the following: ensuring hand washing and glove changes, monitoring time and temperature on the line, monitoring secondary shelf lives, and enforcing food safety policies and procedures.

Customer Interaction

  • Resolving customer incidents and working to ensure positive customer experiences.
  • Knowing what to do with a happy customer and dissatisfied customer.
  • Promoting our customer loyalty program featuring Level Up application.

Team Management

  • Managing crew breaks, shift changes, shift meetings, and line schedules. .
  • Assisting with Crew performance reviews and the resolution of performance issues.
  • Developing a strong team dynamic
  • Communicating with Crew members effectively in order to ensure great customer service
  • Properly cross training and developing team members, through quality orientations, development discussions, performance evaluations, and recognition
  • Coaching and counseling employees on a timely basis;

Office Administration

  • Assisting with miscellaneous office administration duties such as: banking, cash handling policies and responsibilities, and office paperwork.
  • Overseeing office equipment and making sure office supplies are ordered as necessary.
  • Ensuring the proper quantity of supplies are available as needed.
  • Troubleshooting back of house computers and POS system.


  • Ensuring the line, dry storage, freezer and cooler are organized and clean
  • Managing daily and weekly cleaning of the line, dining room, and restrooms
  • Assisting with the execution of marketing promotions.