If you are going to eat the food you might need to know some of our lingo. Here is a list of some common terms and definitions you might see and hear us throwing around at Bhelwala.

Masala – The Indian term for spice blend, masala can be any simple or complex combination of spices. Masala can also be referred to as a gravy mixture.

Tikka – An Indian dish consisting of small pieces of meat or vegetables marinated in a spice mixture.

Curry – There are many variations of curry. Curries may be “wet” when described as a sauce or “dry” when described as a spice. See our Naan-Sense page for more descriptions.

Paneer – is a fresh, non-melting curd cheese . Paneer is the most common type of cheese used in traditional Indian Cuisines.

Chole – Spiced Chick Peas/Garbanzo Beans

Chai – is the Hindi word for “tea” but it usually means the well-known sweetened spiced milk-tea of India. It is the perfect drink for India’s hot weather because the hot tea triggers the body’s natural cooling reflexes and actually helps bring your body temperature down. Most Indians drink Chai at least twice a day, once with breakfast and again for an afternoon tea, just like the British.

Lassi – is a traditional and popular drink blend of yogurt, spices and sometimes, fruit.

Chutney – is a condiment made from a mixture of spices, vegetables or fruit. As with other condiments such as relish or mustard, chutneys are based on a wide range of recipes and preparation methods. They vary by geography, and can range from a wet to dry—or coarse to fine—and they can be combined with a variety of foods or used for dipping.

Rickshaw – a light two-wheeled hooded vehicle pulled by a bicycle or person with one or two passengers.

Bhelwala – Street Slang for street food vendor

Raita – a yogurt based chutney made with fresh or cooked vegetables

Pav –  a small loaf of bread or soft bread roll

Bhaji – a tomato gravy blended with a mixture of vegetables