About Us

Sharing a love for Indian flavors, Chris and Yatra set out to share their passion for this culture and cuisine with as many people as possible. The concept had to be done in a modern and more approachable fashion. With a dream and a vision Chris and Yatra knew that it was possible to create an Indian dining experience that was less intimidating to the everyday consumer.

Learning from experience, Chris (who is Italian) fell in love with the flavorful approach to healthy, everyday eating. Driven by a new found passion and an experienced entrepreneurial spirit, Chris knew that it was time to take the next step in his life. Leaving a family business that he and his brother started from the ground up and successfully grew into a multi-million dollar enterprise, Chris and Yatra created Bhelwala.

At Bhelwala we feel that by educating our customer about the flavors of Indian Cuisine, we will be able change the misconceptions that surround this food and broaden peoples thinking about what good, fresh and healthy eating can consist of. We want to be engaged with everyone that walks into our restaurant to offer the best experience and listen and respond to any feedback, whether it be negative or positive. At Bhelwala we are constantly striving to bring you the freshest food, best service and best overall experience day after day!

The Concept

Fast casual Indian street food that is completely customizable.

Bhelwala is the new, unique way to enjoy Indian cuisine, bringing Indian food to customers in a non-formal, less traditional atmosphere. Until now, most Indian food is experienced in a sit-down atmosphere served either buffet style or a long wait to order off the menu. We are breaking that style by offering cuisine in a fast casual, made-to-order model. Additionally, we are tasked in changing the perception of Indian food to the mass market. We are bringing an often misunderstood, unfamiliar, intimidating food choice to the table in a more approachable fashion and by tweaking authentic family recipes to increase the appeal to a larger audience.

Bhelwala Indian Street Food-Chicken Tikka Bowl