Principles And Core Values

Confucius once said, “Wherever you go, go with all of your heart.” We’d like to add that, whatever you do, do with all of your heart. At Bhelwala, we believe in following your H.E.A.R.T everyday:


Honesty – keep our promises, our word and our follow through. It is the foundation of our integrity and it makes everything else possible. We expect the same honesty from each of our employees.


Excellence – show your passion for results every day. This means embracing the standards, executing perfectly, attending to the details of every detail, giving the best of yourself and welcoming opportunities to improve and grow.


Attitude – having a positive attitude every day is what will make your experience, customers experience and co-workers experience the best every day. Leave the negativity at the door and put a smile on your face! A smile is the best thing someone can wear!


Respect – we put the dignity of people first. It is being courteous, listening without interrupting, showing high regard for differences in perspective, and honoring the individuality of Our People.


Trust – to always do what is right for the customer and for the company​


Core values:
Our principles are driven by a commitment to innovation and excellence. To being an organization ran by dedicated, ambitious leaders who love what they do and most importantly having FUN while doing so. Not only is our food fresh, but so is our everyday.

Bhelwala Values