Bhelwala Shift Manager

Shift Managers will learn how to prepare food, grill meats, sauté vegetables and make chutneys and masalas. The Shift Manager is responsible for making sure the food is absolutely perfect. They will order the food and train others on accurate processes and procedures.

The Shift Manager has the responsibility of ensuring the quality and safety of the food every day. They see to it that the kitchen is clean, organized and well stocked and that the equipment is properly maintained and in good condition. Throughout the process they are training and developing other team members who wish to become managers in the future.

The Shift Manager is responsible for maintaining a positive customer experience by ensuring safe , quality food is prepared and served and that the restaurant crew is well trained and provides great customer service. The Shift Manager will maintain a clean, organized line with properly functioning line equipment. They are expected to evaluate what other tasks need to be completed and assist their team with those tasks.

Food Quality

  • Following recipes accurately and maintaining food preparation processes such as cooking, marinating, seasoning, and grilling meats; chopping herbs; dicing, cutting, and slicing vegetables
  • Ensuring food quality by cooking and prepping food to order, and following kitchen procedures
  • Monitoring food waste and inventory levels, and resolving food quality issues
  • Having a complete understanding of the menu and educating customers about the menu

Team Development

  • Developing a strong team dynamic
  • Developing and cross-training all team members
  • Communicating with crew members effectively in order to ensure great customer service


  • Ensuring the kitchen is properly cleaned and sanitized
  • Monitoring kitchen equipment and ensuring it is kept in good repair; making sure malfunctioning equipment is repaired as quickly as possible
  • Ensuring that the kitchen itself and all crew members meet the necessary guidelines to ensure there are no injuries or accidents
  • Filling out Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Inventory Rotation
  • Properly closing his/her station at end of their shift, or at night, to setup success for the next shift ahead