Bhelwala Team Member

Serving Indian Street Food and creating the ultimate customer experience is the first step towards becoming a Master Bhelwala. Team members will learn customer-service, teamwork skills, how to make great Indian food and how to grow with the company.

Crew members will need a clean and organized work area. They will be responsible for consistently following the proper recipes and procedures, and adhering to Bhelwala’s high standards for food preparation, cleaning and sanitation, teamwork and customer service. They are at the front line to ensure that the customer experience is always at its best. They are also responsible for educating the customer about Bhelwala’s menu.

Crew members get to learn about and work at a variety of stations: Roti, Chutneys, Prep, Grill, Bhel and Take-Out. In each area, they are greeting and interacting with customers directly and making their meals, while portioning out the ingredients to our standards. They are expected to take on tasks that need to be completed, and pitch in to help their teammates, such as cleaning/clearing tables, cleaning the bathrooms, washing cookware, cleaning equipment, following sanitation standards, etc.

Food Prep and Cooking

  • Following recipes accurately and maintaining food preparation processes such as cooking, marinating, seasoning, and grilling meats; chopping herbs, dicing, cutting, and slicing vegetables; freshly preparing chutneys and sauces
  • Completing hot and cold food preparation assignment accurately, neatly and in a timely fashion
  • Preparing food throughout the day as needed; anticipating and reacting to customer volume
  • Maintaining appropriate portion control and consistently monitoring food levels on the line
  • Maintaining proper food handling, safety and sanitation standards while preparing and cooking food
  • Properly closing his/her station at end of their shift, or at night, to setup success for the next shift ahead

Customer Experience and Service Line

  • Providing friendly and quality customer service to each customer
  • Educating customers about Bhelwala’s unique menu
  • Creating and building customer orders as requested
  • Ensuring the restaurant is clean and inviting to guests at all times